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a man with a ginger beard in front of Edinburgh Castle holding a foam board saying 'Your online pace for mental health and wellbeing information in Edinburgh. iThrive Edinburgh.

Here you will find stories from citizens of Edinburgh about their own experiences of mental health and wellbeing and the different ways they keep well.

By sharing our stories and the different way we thrive, we can learn from each other and inspire one another to take positive steps to look after our mental health and wellbeing. 

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Men’s Mental Health Month with Gordon from Health in Mind

During men’s mental health month we spoke to Gordon from Health in Mind about how he keeps well.

We Are What we Overcome, Matt McGuinness – An Artist’s Story

Hear from Matt McGuinness, about the impact of sharing his story and how he looks after his mental health and wellbeing.

Embarking on a new journey with Venture Trust

Hear from Venture Trust about their Journey Programme and the support they offer.

Pretending to Fly by Ashley Adelman – An Artist’s Story

Hear from Ashley Adelman on living through the pandemic in the city that never sleeps and finding solace from a pilot’s story.

THRIVE by Natasha Rea – An Artist’s Story

Hear from Natasha Rea on Bipolar Brenda, Kundalini Yoga and how creativity saved her life.

3 Theatre Skills that Became Life Lessons to Thrive by Lisa Pezik – An Artist’s Story

Hear from Lisa Pezik and what she learned from owning her personal experience and writing and performing a theatre piece.

Seventy-Eight Thank Yous by James Pretlove – An Artist’s Story

Hear from James Pretlove, about his Edinburgh Festival Fringe show, the impact of sharing his story and how he looks after his mental health and wellbeing.

Carers Week with Paulina from Health in Mind

During carers week we wanted to shine a spotlight on a service that provides support to carers within Edinburgh and we reached out to Paulina from Health in Mind.

Carers Week with Kate from Shared Care Scotland

During carers week we wanted to shine a spotlight on a service that provides support to carers within Edinburgh and we reached out to Kate from Shared Care Scotland.


A blog from Anne-Louise on what they do to feel good, keep well and thrive day-to-day.


Hannah shares her experience as a peer worker and the benefits of yoga has for your mental health.

‘I thrive by…’ from Nic

A blog from Nic on what they do to feel good, keep well and thrive day-to-day.

#IThrive – what makes you thrive?

We want you to tell us what you do to look after your mental health and wellbeing. What makes you feel good, keeps you well and thrive? 

For me: 

I thrive by going for a walk 
I thrive by dancing to my favourite song in the kitchen
I thrive by calling my friend for a chat after a long day.  

We’re calling on all citizens of Edinburgh to get involved. 

You can send us your ‘I Thrive by…’ ideas in different formats 

  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Writing

Share your ideas:

By sending us your contributions you are giving us consent to share them on social media and our iThrive Edinburgh space. 

You can also use one of our ‘I Thrive by…’ postcards. Download your own copy to print off below or contact us for a pack.

Your contributions

I Thrive by postcard with "expressing myself
Someone holding a postcard that says "I thrive by... Exercising and journaling"

“Go for walks, grow my own vegetables”

“I go wild swimming and take walks with my dog”

“I knit baby hats”

“Being able to do my radio shows”

“I do online chi flow chi gung tai chi that’s really cheap, go for a walk in park and talk with friends”

“Meditation, journaling, prayer, walks in the woods and prioritising sleep and water”

“I also speak to my friends and family and go for walks when I can.  Do some artwork as well to distract my mind”

“I thrive by walking my dog Lacey daily as well as taking thousands of photos of everything!!! and posting on Facebook”


“Reading and yoga”

“Spending time outside, spending time with family and friends, spending time with people who inspire me”

“I write poetry to untangle my thoughts and emotions, then I seek thought-provoking conversations with friends or strangers who present new perspectives and new ways of being”

“I walk in woods as often as I can”

“I enjoy connecting with family and friends and eating Jaffa cakes”

“When I manage a team meeting and we all share at the open what we would like to be acknowledged for, regarding anything we are up to or what we are dealing with. It is so heartwarming to see everyone be vulnerable and share themselves and allows me a space to be human too”

“Baking bread”

“I thrive by going up and down Arthurs Seat, hanging out with my plants and watching them thrive with me, exploring new places and dancing to beautiful Scottish trad music!”

“I thrive by spending as much time as possible walking outdoors, mindful colouring and cross-stitching as well as connecting with family and friends.”

“Our crazy rabbits make us laugh”

“Hill walking, volunteering and home gym with online classes!!”

“Art, nature, music and sharing”



“Going out of the city with a walking group doing woodland and beach walks.  Having company in lovely surroundings makes us all feel good.”

“Spending time gardening and with my cats”

“Not watching the news”

“Dancing in the kitchen to loud music to embarrass my kids”

“Myself and some others have created digital stories about our experiences during COVID-19 lockdown”

“Meditation, dancing,  spending quality time with family and walking”  

“Trampoline jumping”

“I have stopped listening to the Chimp part of my brain which usually kicks in at 3 am”

Where I thrive – where are the places and spaces that keep you well?

We asked you to share photographs of the places that make you thrive.

There are many places and spaces that can make us feel calm, joyful and peaceful. Your special space could be a park, a beach, a cozy chair in your home, or even your back garden.

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