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Carers Week with Paulina from Health in Mind

During carers week we wanted to shine a spotlight on a service that provides support to carers within Edinburgh and we reached out to Paulina from Health in Mind to hear about the work they do and how they keep themselves well.

“Health in Mind is a mental health charity in Scotland. Our aim is for everyone in Scotland to have access to high quality mental health support. We offer range of services which includes counselling, trauma support, peer support services, we facilitate workshops and support groups. Carer support which I provide is only available in Edinburgh at the moment. 

I run courses on anxiety management, stress management and wellbeing across Edinburgh as well as support groups for unpaid carers. We usually meet in community venues and libraries to enable people to access service close to where they live. 

I think that unpaid carers are still such an undervalued group and they deserve all support they can get. I find it extremely rewarding and inspiring to see how they support each other and go above and beyond to show empathy and care. I feel proud of being able to observe this process and with the support of Health in Mind being able to offer my knowledge and time to support carers’ wellbeing. 

To look after my mental health I go for a walk during my lunch breaks and go for a run couple of times a week. Movement keeps me well regulated and energized. I love Zumba classes so I make sure I attend them at least once a week. I also love reading books and watching horror movies! I love spending time outdoors so I am away from the city as often as I can, this is a big part of my self-care routine.” 

Find out more about Heath in Mind and the support they offer.

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