Bikes for Refugees (Scotland)

Availability : Edinburgh Wide

Who is this for?

Refugees and Asylum Seekers


Provision of free bicycles and Welcome Packs to support the resettlement of New Scots refugees and asylum seekers. Bikes for Refugees also provide a range of volunteering opportunities and volunteering expenses.

Bikes for Refugees (Scotland) is a registered Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. They have been distributing bikes since 2016 and a SCIO since April 2017 and have refurbished and gifted over 1000 donated bikes for New Scots across Scotland.

Bikes support the social inclusion and integration of New Scots into Scottish life and sends out an important message of solidarity to people seeking safety and shelter. Bikes and the transformational power of cycling helps isolated families and children to connect with communities, essential services, and to forge new friendships.

Volunteers repair and distribute bikes from Hubs in Edinburgh

How do I access this?

  • Self referral

To refer or request a bicycle visit the website and complete the bike request form where you will be automatically added to the waiting list. Someone will contact you directly when a bike becomes available.

Please also complete the volunteering enquiry form if you are interested in volunteering opportunities.

Is there a cost?

Free service.

Contact Details

Bikes for Refugees (Scotland)

Type of services on offer:

Healthy living

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