New “Death Cafe” Launches in West Edinburgh

05 June 2024

A new “Death Cafe” has started in West Edinburgh. It’s second meeting will be held on June 27th at 7.30pm in the Space To Be, community space in the Gyle Shopping Centre. This is an opportunity for anyone with questions, ideas and thoughts about death to get together over a cup of tea and cake and chat. 

Death in modern western society is a taboo subject that people feel uncomfortable talking about. The way we’ve outsourced the practical things of death to the medical profession and to funeral directors hasn’t done us any favours. And yet people still have questions and often, a need to talk. Sometimes people want to talk about death from a philosophical point of view for intellectual enjoyment. Sometimes people want to talk about the questions and feelings that that death of a loved one has raised.

The Death Café movement was started by Jon Underwood in 2011. Death Cafes are offered for free and are a space for strangers to meet, eat cake, drink tea and talk about death. They aren’t grief support or counselling sessions, but are confidential and facilitated to enable them to be safe space. All questions and viewpoints are welcomed and treated with respect. Often the conversations help people have a better idea of how to make the most of the one life they have. Perhaps talking about death can enable people to be more comfortable living life to the full.

For more information contact Esther, the Manager of Space To Be:

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