Free counselling sessions for carers from VOCAL and Bright Light

09 September 2022

The challenges of caring can often affect more than one person. VOCAL (Voice of Carers Across Lothian) and Bright Light Relationship Counselling are offering carers free access to relationship counselling. This can include joint counselling with a family member or friend where the emotional impact of the caring role on the relationship is at the core of seeking support.

Talking to a trained relationship counsellor provides a safe, confidential space for both parties and can be helpful when exploring what is causing distress and how these feelings might be resolved. Carers who wish to engage in relationship counselling with another person need to ensure both parties are committed to attending counselling support.
Carers can access the service with anyone they feel is important in their life and should be part of their relationship journey. This may be couples, families, young adults (18+), same sex partners or a parent and daughter/son with caring responsibilities, and could include the person receiving care where both parties agree to engage in relationship counselling.
For more information or for referrals, email, or call 0131 466 8082.

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