Survey: Care and support from your GP Practice

17 May 2021

Advocard would like to hear from you about your experiences of care and support from your GP practice since March 2020 – from the moment you call the practice or make an appointment, to when you have your appointment, to get a prescription or being referred elsewhere.  This is so that Advocard can pass on feedback to the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership and GP practices about those changes which seem to be working well and those changes which are not working well – so that if any changes are kept when government restrictions lighten, it is those changes which work for people and are helpful for them.

You can fill in the questionnaire online here:

If you would prefer to fill in a printed copy of the questionnaire and return it by post or answer the questions over the phone, please contact Becky –, 0131 554 5307. Or you can download a large print copy of the questionnaire from the Advocard website –

You have until end of day Monday 5th June to fill in the questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact Becky on

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