Carer engagement with mental health services

04 February 2021


VOCAL – the voice of carers across Lothian – is the largest provider of carer support in Edinburgh. If you are an unpaid carer, VOCAL can help you to find out about the support and services available to help you manage your caring role and wellbeing.  VOCAL works in partnership with professionals and organisations to raise awareness of carers, support carer identification and access to services, as well as enabling carers to participate in helping to shape service provision.

VOCAL is delighted to tell you about a new five year Thrive project – Carer experience and engagement with mental health services. This project will encourage and support carer engagement in the design, delivery and review of mental health services across Edinburgh. Co-producing the project with carers, VOCAL will:

  • gather the experiences and views of carers who care for a person with a mental health condition across Edinburgh
  • share the findings from this small study with carers, Thrive Collaborative colleagues and wider mental health services. This information will help VOCAL develop the carer engagement service
  • work with carers, volunteers and service providers to develop an ongoing carer engagement service to support individual mental health services to engage with carers more effectively

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone caring for a person living with a mental health condition, to really get involved to shape how mental health services in Edinburgh look and work in the future. You can participate as a carer, mental health service provider or as a volunteer. Ways you can get involved include:

  • as a carer of a person with a mental health condition, VOCAL would like to hear your experiences of and views on mental health services across Edinburgh. It will be as easy as possible for you to do this, using a range of approaches.
  • as a carer/volunteer you will be supported to gather carer experiences and views and help share these findings with carers and service providers. Excitingly, you will be trained and supported to work directly with service providers on an ongoing basis to help evaluate and develop their services.
  • as a mental health service provider, you can get involved by telling VOCAL if there is something specific you would like to learn from your carer community and by working with us to obtain carer views about your service.
Thrive Edinburgh

The project website page will go live shortly where you will be able to find more information about the project and how you can get involved.

Fiona Barrett is the Carer Engagement Officer for this project and would love to hear from you. Fiona can be contacted at

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