Loneliness and staying connected this winter

09 December 2020

This blog was written by Health in Mind and is featured in the Coorie in at Christmas booklet. Download the full booklet for free here –
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This year, the festive period might look a little different. It might be the first time that you’re alone. At a time of year when we’re used to coming together, this can have a real impact on our mental wellbeing, particularly on feelings of loneliness.

Give someone a call
Take the time to speak to your friends and family that you won’t be with this Christmas. Even just a five minute call can make a difference.

Send someone a card
Write to your family, your loved ones, or even put a card through your neighbour’s letterbox. You can send the festive edition of Health in Mind’s #WritingToSayHello postcard.

Plan some fun activities
Although you might not be able to go out and do all the things you normally do, think about some fun activities you can do from home. You could bake something festive that you’ve never tried before, or have a go at creating some handmade presents or decorations this year.

Find sources of comfort
Looking after yourself and doing things to help you relax can be a great way to help with feelings of loneliness. You could light some scented candles, have a warm bath, and cook yourself a nice comforting meal.

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