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08 December 2020

This blog was written by Health in Mind and is featured in the Coorie in at Christmas booklet. Download the full booklet for free here –
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Think about the little things you can do for yourself each day, like spending time outside or cosying up to watch a good moving.

Make sure that you have enough medication to last when your GP and Chemist are closed.

Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to get any food or household supplies you need. Our food can have a big impact
on our mood, so think about some meals that are delicious and healthy.

It’s okay if you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed. If things do get too much, make sure to take the time to talk about how
you’re feeling.

Our physical health can impact how we feel, so don’t forget to make time to move.

Try not to compare yourself to the things you see on TV or social media. You’re not the only one who is finding things difficult.

Take the time to connect with your loved ones, even talking on the phone can have a huge impact.

Take it one day at a time.

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