Mind Our Rights! Report October 2020

16 October 2020

The Mind Our Rights! event brought 50 service users, survivors and people with lived experience together with mental health professionals from various fields to discuss human rights and key issues relating to mental health, physical health and body image.  

The Scottish Government has stated that Human Rights are fundamental to the principles of mental health care and treatment; it is the role of mental health advocacy to support people with mental health issues to access their Human Rights and advocate for these rights to be met effectively and appropriately by national and local government and the services they fund.  

The Report is available in the following formats:

  • a PDF of the Full Report (25 pages)
  • a PDF of the Summary Report (4 pages): 
  • each of the eleven sections of the Full Report as individual PDF documents

You can access the report here – www.advocard.org.uk/mind-our-rights-report-october-2020/

If you would like any of the documents in any other format for accessibility, please get in touch with Advocard by phoning 0131 554 5307 or emailing advocacy@advocard.org.uk

Th Mind our Rights report was written by Patricia Rodger and Advocard in collaboration with CAPS Independent Advocacy and the Royal Edinburgh Hospital Patients Council.

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